Me, Indonesia, and Badminton.


Its been a while since the last time i wrote on this blog. I could say that after i got home, i suffered from from PES (post exchange syndrome) lol. I never thought that there’s such thing like that but i googled it and IT DOES EXIST! Because these last two weeks i keep saying to all of the people in my house that “oh how i really miss Romania” and keep comparing about my daily activities here and back then in Bucharest. I even cried one night HAHA because i missed my life back there. But i know that life must goes on and i have to go back to Jogjakarta in about a week and start my 2 years of clinical rotation next month. Ok, enough with the talk. That’s not what my post is going to be about.

Total is the official sponsor for BWF International Mixed Team Tournaments

This week, there is a badminton tournament called BWF Total Sudirman Cup. This is a mixed team event, joined by 27 countries and divided into three groups. I could say that this event is like “FIFA World Cup” in soccer. So this tournament is very prestigious and it will be an event of proof on which nation is the strongest for badminton. The name Sudirman Cup is actually taken from an Indonesian Badminton Player called Mr. Dick Sudirman who was a badminton player, former head of PBSI (Indonesian Badminton Association) and Vice President of IBF (International Badminton Federation) now famously known as BWF (Badminton World Federation). So i’m very happy that i finally got something to do on my leisure time which is watching badminton. My passion for this sport has been grown since i was a little. Well, since it is the national sport of Indonesia and my family (especially my grandfather) always taught me how to play badminton and he was a big fan of badminton as well. Maybe this is weird, since its kinda rare for kids these days to like this sport especially amongst my friends. I had a hard time to talk about Badminton with my friends since i was in elementary school HAHA since not everyone follow this sport or like this sport as much as me. Most of people prefer soccer. I like soccer too, but not as much as Badminton. Despite i had a hard time to find people in my age which has the same passion or hobby as mine, i keep myself updated by seeing the tournaments and the news. 🙂

Mr Dick Sudirman, The man behind Sudirman Cup.

Speaking about Badminton, Indonesia used to be the nation of badminton. How could it be? We won Thomas Cup 7x, Uber Cup 3x, many players have won All England Championship, Many Superseries titles, Sudirman Cup, and Individual World Championships. Compared to any other sports, this is the only sport that we can be proud of as an Indonesian. My grandpa used to tell me some stories about how proud he was watching Liem Swie King, Christian Hadinata, Rudy Hartono lifted the trophy of All England, and Thomas Cup. He said that the strongest nations in badminton are Indonesia, China, Malaysia, and Denmark. I always remember that.

Rudy Hartono, the only player who have won All England for 7 times

Since my grandparents taught me about badminton a lot, i grew up with badminton. I had fun playing it and watching it on television. I wanted to be a badminton player for once HAHA but i know it needs dedication and hardwork to be a top badminton player, despite i need to focus on my school. Growing up, i follow badminton since the era of Bad Chun Lai, Gao Ling, Tine Baun, Taufik Hidayat, Peter Gade, Lee Yong Dae, Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, until right now the era of upcoming badminton stars like Kevin Sanjaya, Jonatan Christie, Viktor Axelsen, She Yuqi, Chen Qingchen, etc. (I FEEL OLD LOL) and even i noticed that Badminton also has some stars in several countries that used to not play badminton like Spain, India, Japan, Germany, and Russia.

(from the left)
Lin Dan – China
Lee Chong Wei – Malaysia
Taufik Hidayat – Indonesia
Peter Gade – Denmark

Thank God I grew up watching those legends 🙂

Carolina Marin, the first ever Spanish Badminton Player who ranked 1st in the world and got an olympic gold medal for her country. Such a history for Spain’s Badminton.

I always like badminton. Why? Because this is the only sport which I have fun watching and playing it. Its a flexible sport. You can play it either indoor or outdoor. And you can play it alone or with another person. Its fun.The racket and shuttlecock are much lighter compared to Tennis. Even though badminton is probably not as popular in the world as Tennis, since it mostly only played by Asian Countries and Countries which have great history of badminton like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark, England, Japan, and Korea. The feeling of watching badminton on TV makes me want to be there, and make Indonesia stand in the highest podium of the tournament. There’s just a proud feeling since Indonesia is a nation of badminton, i feel so proud of being Indonesian. And compared to any other sports in Indonesia, only this sport which grows and keep making achievements, especially in the olympics. Also, Indonesian badminton players are famously known and frightened by other countries since it has a great history and the players are able to reach top 10th, top 5th, or even the number 1 in the world. I believe that there’s no sport in Indonesia which has recognized and competed on the international level and keep making achievements like badminton, yet.

Badminton is the only sport which can give Indonesia Gold Medals in the history of Indonesia in Olympics.
Susi Susanti & Alan Budi Kusuma – Barcelona, 1992
Ricky Subagja & Rexy Mainaky – Atlanta, 1996
Tony Gunawan & Candra Wijaya – Sydney 2000
Taufik Hidayat – Athena 2004
Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan – Beijing 2008
Tontowi Ahmad & Liliyana Natsir – Rio 2016

But today, i watched the group stage of Sudirman Cup. Its Indonesia against India. Surprisingly, Indonesia lost 1 – 4 to India. I was frustrated. Indonesia’s in group 1D with Denmark and India. I personally think that indonesia should really use the chance with india to get some points if we do really want to get through the quarter final. Because it would be much more harder to beat Denmark since they are the 2nd seeded country. Besides Denmark has an even squad. They are strong in all sectors except the Woman’s Singles. I was devastated. I mean, we are such a big nation, we had a massive achievements of badminton and even the world knows. I was pretty confident that we can get some points from the sector of doubles. Since India’s single players are in the top 20th in the world. I just could not believe this. Well i know that the athletes did their best and i believe that they feel much more disappointed than me. But a question popped up in my mind :

What is wrong with Badminton Indonesia?

There must be a massive evaluation and some changes. Massive evaluation here is not just an evaluation done by the coaches, but it needs to be done as well by the managers, or even the leader. Every single person in PBSI needs to do the evaluation and change. The key is change. How could we compete if we don’t do some changes? I mean, look at Thailand, India. They keep improving and they even GOT QUALIFIED into the quarter finals of Sudirman Cup. They may not have a lot of athletes but i saw some of the players have won several tournaments these past 1 year. My biggest fear is that Badminton Indonesia will just another history. I want my children to know that Indonesia is a nation of badminton. I want them to know that there is a sport in which Indonesia can compete in such International level. I have a big concern for the current situation of Badminton Indonesia. I hope, and i do really wish that Badminton Indonesia is not going to be deceased in the future.

There are still a lot of things in my mind about Badminton Indonesia, or even Badminton itself. Since i really like this sport. I even fan girl to the athletes more that i like actors or actresses. But i think this is enough for today to share my thoughts since i was very surprised that indonesia has lost to india earlier today. Bye for now!


What do we see as beautiful?

Growing up as a girl, I see many girls (including me) feel insecure about ourselves. I know some girls who wanted to have fairer complexion, bigger eyes, pointy chin, or fuller lips. In more extreme cases, girls even do plastic surgeries to get the physical features like they wanted to make them feel more confident and beautiful. And the irony is, some girls make beauty as an indicator for their status. If she’s taken, then she’s beautiful, and if she’s single, meaning that she’s not beautiful. Well then that would be funny though meaning that I used to be beautiful but now I’m not anymore. (Lol does beauty has time limit?) But why do we do that? And what do we see as beautiful?

Beauty has evolved throughout times. In an era where social media is very accessible, I observed that there are lots of girls who tried to put their latest makeup on, or had treatments or surgeries, bought the latest branded bags and clothes just to make them feel secure for themselves because they saw it on the media or advertisements. I’m not saying that I am against it though. But what they saw on the adverts or the social media, has shape their ideas of how beauty should be like. For example, a girl who was born with dark complexion tried any kind of products or treatments to have fairer complexion and she tried it just because she saw korean drama which was full of korean stars who has fair complexion runs on their genes. Meanwhile there are lots of girls who wanted to have an darker skin complexion just like hers. To be fairly honest, I also feel insecure about my chubby cheeks because I saw it on magazines and television that most actress or models don’t have cheeks like mine. So its basically just a phenomena that happening around us, that the media has shaped an idea of beauty especially for girls.

Most people will think that “Every girl is beautiful” is cliché. But I personally think that the quote is true. I’m still learning to love myself as well. But I believe that beauty has no race, shapes, standards, colors, and boundaries. The happier you are, the more you enjoy and being grateful about each moments that happening in your life, the more confidence you are about yourselves, that’s where beauty comes from regardless your skin color or race is. It’s that little moments, happiness, experiences, or the bad days that we’ve experienced through out our lives that make us beautiful. Our skin color, race, and bodies are just a shell which covered the beauty of our souls that experienced pains and gains. This post is dedicated for all the beautiful girls with beautiful souls around the world. Cheers to us!



My Romanian Exchange Experience


This is my second post and its going to be a very long post but i hope you don’t mind reading it until the end.

Ps: I got very emotional while writing this post 😥

Last year, i signed up for an Exchange Program by SCOPE IFMSA. After the tests and the interview, i got accepted and placed in Romania as the country to do my exchange. I honestly wanted to go to Scandinavia since i’ve never been there and it’s on my bucket list. But i’ve never been to Romania as well so i feel ok. The only thing i know about Romania is there’s a Romanian actor called Sebastian Stan who is my future husband played as Bucky in Captain America which is my favorite character and he is Romanian. A friend of mine, who did an exchange last year to another country told me these things though about Romania.

“If i were you i would not go there. There are lots of thieves and criminals. It’s unsafe and it’s not a well developed country too.”
(well its kinda funny because she’s actually never been there)

But hey, we should take chances right? So i decided to accept the offer and go to Romania. Ended up it becomes the best moment of my life so far, and it’s definitely worth a post.

Event 1391
Took this on a photo booth during our transit in Amsterdam.
First picture in Romania after an exhausting 15 hours flight 🙂

After I did my thesis and my clinical skills exam as the end of my pre clinical years, I departed to Romania. I got Bucharest as my city and orthopedic surgery as my department. I went to the hospital called Spitalul Universitar Urgenta de Bucuresti. It only took 1 metro stop from my dorm in Grozavesti. I was very excited since that was my first experience going to the hospital and operating theatre before doing my clinical rotation this year. I observed some of interesting cases like fragmented humerus fracture, biopsy, and total hip replacement surgery. I also went to the wards and the emergency room. Its funny because i’m so tiny and there were no asians other than me and my friend so most people gave us some kind of strange stare to me while we walked along the wards wearing scrubs lol. And i want to thank the residents for being very welcoming and helpful, dr. Mihnea, dr. Zombi, dr. Mihai, dr. Caius, and dr. Marian. since i was told by my friends who did the exchange in another countries that they got abandoned in the hospital. Especially dr Mihnea for explaining about the cases in almost every surgery since the first day and letting me follow him everywhere he went since there were times when i don’t know what to do and who to talk to in the hospital :”D

The building of the hospital (view from the lateral since i always got in from students entrance)
A great colleague and a friend, dr Mihnea, multumesc pentru tot! 😀
X-ray of the most interesting case in my opinion, fragmented humeral fracture
Observing the surgery
This motivates me to practice my suturing skills! Anyways, they use cute purple color for their absorbable thread. can i just move to Romania pls? 😦

I also got to know people from outside the hospital, which are the Indonesian People who currently residing in Romania. Most people (including my parents) wondering how i could know them. Basically it’s because i went to the Indonesian Embassy to report my passport after i arrived in Romania. And ended up got invited by Om Diar Nurbintoro and Tante Dina, the Indonesian Ambassador for Romania and his wife to stay in their house during the weekends. So I gathered with people from the Embassy and be friends with them. They like to asked me about my days in the hospital and even we shared inside jokes. Not only the ones from embassy, Indonesian Embassy often made gatherings with other Indonesian students in other cities, and other fellow Indonesians whose currently working there, or the ones who become resident in Romania because they got married with Romanian. Usually we met and gathered on the weekends in Embassy or in one of their houses. We went to Sinaia, Bran, Brasov, and Sibiu during the easter weekend. I almost cried when i did a farewell on my last day in Bucharest. They’ve become my family, they took care of me and my friend, and the bond is just too strong. Thank you so much for everything, i definitely couldn’t imagine how my days as an exchange student outside the hospital would be without them 🙂

With The Ambassador of Indonesia for Romania and Moldova plus his wife, Om Diar and Tante Dina 🙂
During the visit of Indonesia’s Parliament Representatives to Romania
On our way to Brasov 🙂
Papaaa Mas Soepri,thanks for being a good listener about my days in spitalul lol
With Mas Desta and Mbak Nia, Fun fact : We didn’t know before we met in Bucharest that we’re actually neighbors back in Indonesia!
Went to Peles Castle with the exchange indonesian law students from Sibiu
Senzie and Amanda, Lovely Indo-Romanian girls
Went to Therme Waterpark with the girls from Indonesian Embassy Community

Coming to an exchange on april, means that most of the students are busy with their university stuffs and easter holidays. Including the people from SSMB in Carol Davila University which is the host university of my exchange. But its totally understandable, and i also met them several times, they are Adrian, Elena, Evelin, and Silvia. So i spent most of the time on the early weeks with my roommates which are also exchange students from Indonesia and Scotland. But i got the chance to met Teo, my new Romanian best friend. She stays in the same dorm building with me and currently on her third year in Carol Davila studying in Medicine. We were born on the same year and share things in common. She came into my room to met Kat (my Scottish friend) because they knew each other first and we became friends as well. She’s the one i talked to on Facebook when there were nobody to talk to lol HAHAHA thanks so much teo :”) I’m so grateful to be able to have a new friend like her. I have Finnish and Italian friends from my exchange 5 years ago and we still WhatsApp each other and sometimes we do visits. And i hope i’ll do the same with my Romanian friends that i gained during my exchange here.

Dinner at Caru Cu Bere
The last day that we met in Victoriei before leaving Romania in the early morning 😦
Thanks for the gifts! I appreciate it a lot

I went for an exchange in California 5 years ago and visited some of european countries in western europe and balkans before. But my experience in Romania has been the greatest and unforgettable.  The people and the vibes give so much positive energy to me. It may not be the greatest country in europe, but it has a rich culture which i’m interested in.  I didn’t regret my decision for coming to Romania, to experience and break the misconceptions about Romania. And i feel very grateful and blessed. I had an amazing time and the most important is i had a chance to meet the nicest people from the hospital, embassy, and university.

I feel like i was home and i will definitely come back for some visits. or to do my residency? We never know 😉

I can totally say that Bucharest, Romania, and all of the people that i met during my exchange will always be a part of me. Larevedere guys. I hope i can always keep in touch so that i can see you all in the future. ❤



First Post


Welcome to my blog and this is my first post. The idea of making up a blog is actually came up since years ago, but i just didn’t have the gut to do it. Now i’m currently on months off before going to my clinical rotation phase and I’m thinking i should begin to try something new and voila, i finally made a blog 😀 well my blog will mostly contains my random thoughts, experiences, and just a journal to share my days. I ain’t a good writer, but hopefully i’ll write consistently at least once in a month.